Mit eget Virtual eller Personal Learning Environment (VLE eller PLE), september 2015-version

My learning space is “a work in progress”

I have been a full time online student for the past year now and sometimes I read at a library, sometimes in a park, most of the time at home. But when I am away from home, I bring books, my smartphone and sometimes my tablet. Normally I let my laptop stay at home.

Screenshot_2015-09-05-16-05-33I use my smartphone for communication and organizing tasks and appointments.

On the desktop of my smartphone there are the icons from the apps I use the most: Google hangout, gmail, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Groups and phone, textmessage (sms), calendar and camera

Screenshot from 2015-09-05 17:36:31

Last semester I was in a study group, where we had an ongoing text-chat on hangout because we worked asynchronous.

Once or twice a week the groups in the class had video conference on hangout on air with teachers, and we saved it on youtube for everybody to watch.


There is quit a lot going on in the Facebook-groups of my classes! Both social invitations and sharing of tips and tricks.

I have no idea how I survived before the calendar-app on my smartphone organized my life!
Blue is for my study/professional life (one blue calendar for each university and one for “anything else” meaning meet-ups, talks and other lectures), red is for my social/personal life (one red calendar for my day-to-day-life and another red calendar for my “yearly events”).
A screenshot from my calendar:


My tablet is a possible substitute for a laptop, when necessary! I have a bluetooth-keyboard for writing and I use it a lot for recording interesting talks I attend.
And for reading papers.

My laptop is normally at home. I have made short cuts for everything I need to check every day in the browser. Screenshot from 2015-09-05 16:54:27Facebook, Gmail, G-drive, LinkedIn, Blackboard (the learning management system of my home university), ITU-mail, LearnIT, MitITU, Meetup, Instagram, Twitter (we used it quit a lot last year as a part of our education), diigo (where I save a lot of my links),, ResearchGate, One (my webhotel), Google Scholar, Translate pdf, Google translate, Blogs, RSS-feeds, Freefullpdf, Dochub, ld-grid, Kursuskatalog,, Most visited, Kursuskatalog – again?!, Giveaways – gamepedia

I still bring a book and a pen for writing. I use it!

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